Technical Specifications

Exal Solid Panel Security Doors for commercial and industrial use.

1. Door Frames
2. Door Leaves
3. Hinges
4. Door Hardware
5. Powdercoat Finish


Aluminium Frame
100 x 45 rebated frame section with a concealed frame fixing pocket.

Frame Fixings
Covered by an extruded pocket infill section.

The 100mm frame is compatible with 100mm shop front suite and readily couples to sidelights and overpanels.

Frame packing support clips into the back of the frame, providing a large bearing surface for fixing packers.

The back of the frame rebate has a port which accepts a backing vinyl or mohair. This provides a seal for weather-proofing, dust and draught exclusion and sound-proofing. It also enables the door to close quietly and stops rattling of the door leaf in the frame.

Hinges are accurately located against a hinge stop. Door frames are pre-finished in polyester .


1. Door Core
The door core is manufactured using a Douglas Fir core frame and polystyrene infill glued between two sheets of 7.5 construction ply in a heated door press. The core is accurately trimmed and square to final size. This produces a relatively lightweight but strong, durable and true door core, free of twisting, warping and cupping. The lightweight reduces wear on hinges and door closers and makes installation of the doors easier

2. Sheathing

The door core is sheathed in powder coated aluminium, either stucco embossed or flat sheet. This sheeting is glued to the core with heat resistant contact adhesive.

3. Door Stiles & Rails

Specially designed stiles and rails are used to cap the core and sheathing. The stiles are sealed and screw fixed to the core after prior housing out for locks and hinges. A stile infill conceals all fixings. An astragal stile cap is used on meeting stiles for pairs of doors. This includes a port for a wool pile insert providing additional seating and quiet closing. The astragal bar also provides additional security from forced entry at the meeting stiles. 


Each standard size door leaf is hung on four No.100 x 75 fixed pin stainless steel heavy duty hinges. Larger door leaves are fitted with extra hinges.

The hinges are fixed to the aluminium door frame with stainless steel machine screws and aluminium rivnuts, which allow for removal of hinges without fear of stripping the frame which is likely to happen if self-tapping screws are used.
This also ensures that the hinges are rigidly attached to the frame, preventing the doors dropping due to loose fitting hinges.


Exal Doors will take all types of door locks, furniture, closers, panic bolts, etc.

1. Locks

Heavy duty, 60mm backset mortice locks are ideal for fitting to Exal Doors. Face plates are neatly housed into the door stile and furniture can be fitted without any need for extra housing out. Lock striker plates are neatly fitted to the door frame on the fixed leaf lock stile on pairs of doors. Electric locks are easily fitted as well.

2. Door Closers

A large range of door closers are available which can be fitted to Exal Doors, including surface mounted (regular and parallel arm), transom closers and floor spring types.

3. Panic Breakouts / Panic Bolts

Exal Doors are ideal as egress doors and as such will readily accept any type of panic bolt, with either standard strikes or electronic monitor strikes.

4. Miscellaneous Hardware
A whole range of additional hardware items can be fitted to Exal Doors as required.


Exal Doors are ideally suited for a powdercoat finish, with all the advantages that this type of finish has, including:

1. Excellent weathering properties
2. Excellent gloss retention and chalk resistance
3. Excellent colour stability
4. Large range of colours
5. Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance
6. Range of gloss and textures available

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